The Integral Angle Heads


Integral Shank and Shaft

1 year warranty

The Classic Line Angle Heads range is constantly evolving and it currently consists of 197 items, all compatible with both Evolution Line Angle Heads and all machining centres on the market thanks to the wide range of shanks available.

Our goal is optimizing the production chain by simplifying and improving more and more every type of operation on horizontal and vertical machining centres.

The new Classic line of Gerardi angle heads has been designed from a technical base derived from more than 40-years-experience in solving thousands of production problems, finding optimum solutions and always guaranteeing the highest product quality.


This range of heads is designed to be used on machining centres and can be automatically tranferred from the tool magazine to the machine spindle and back. A major feature of the Classic ATC heads is the main input shaft which is integral with the drive taper to ensure maximum rigidity.


This is a range of heads for traditional machine tools with flange attachment. The T-slot on the universal flange facilitates positioning the head 360° around its vertical axis. The modular system makes it possible to extend the lenght of the body by additing a spacer.


SPEED 10.000 Rpm


integral shank & shaft

Main shaft is one solid piece with the drive input taper, case hardened and ground, to ensure maximum rigidity. Interchangeable to fit any machine spindle.


Treated steel head body with 360° position and internal air pressure, maximum rigidity and corrosion resistant. Minimum thermal expansion.

gleason gears

Ground spiral bevel gears in the highest performance materials able to guaranteed less warming and noise and the highest Rpm. Computerized computation of the data of the set gears more than one tooth working during mesch, more power transmitted, longer gear life, almost no noise


Lock and Unlock the release positioning pin to allow the shank rotation.


GMU Adjustable Output Vertical, horizontal and angular machining operations with one angle head only. Fully adjustable output 0 to 90°. Quick positioning pin (Step 15°).


To Machine In Reduced Bore Diameters. The compact design and the high level of performances of this innovative new angle head series allow to make machinings in position hardly reachable with other type. They are designed for machinings of deburring, countersinking and light drilling and they are available with four different types of interchangeable 90° spindles

NEW slim series

Ideal For Micro Machinings. The new SLIM angle head range main features are reduced dimensionsand high performances and reliability. New angle head model GS90-2, suitable for MICRO machining specifically into seats from Ø19mm while G90-3XS allows to machine hardly reachable areas. Both can be integrated with specific micro-collets for tools from Ø1 to 3,5mm. Possibility to get special lenghts thanks to the cascade of modular straight-tooth gears.

NEW extended series

Ideal For Deep Machinings. The new series of MINI heads have been designed based on a grounded technical know-how and a 50 years long experience. The new EXTENDED angle heads are available in 4 different lengths with operative range from 240 to 332 mm, thus allowing to machine inside workpieces or big pipes.



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